Wet Rot & Dry Rot, Croydon South London

When timber becomes damp, it is possible for wood-rotting fungus to take hold. Wood-rotting fungi are classified as either wet rot or dry rot. Both of these need an initial source of moisture to grow, although dry rot has the ability to spread beyond the area of dampness - so dry rot fungus can spread to other parts of the building - whereas wet rot tends to remain within the area of dampness, degrading timbers within this confined area.

It is important to identify the fungus that is present - and whether it is wet or dry rot - in order to eradicate it successfully.

Our surveyors are experts in the identification and treatment of all wood-rotting fungi and can identify the specific fungus involved, the treatment required to eradicate it, and any restoration work that may be needed on infected timbers.

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Wet & dry rot