Plastering & Replastering, Croydon, South London

Our Operatives are highly skilled and experienced in all replastering work, using specialist damp proofing plaster products to achieve a smooth, professional finish to your walls and ceilings.

After completing remedial works to uncover and treat the source of a damp problem in your property, it may be necessary to replace contaminated plaster on the walls. If salt contamination has occurred, the affected plaster will be removed and our specialist plasterers will replace it with a salt-retardant plaster or render that will prevent further damage to paint or wallpaper finishes on your walls. This plaster contains active ingredients to prevent any residual damp coming through the walls.

After the expert application of these plastering systems, you can then apply your paint or wall coverings with the confidence that there will be no danger of any damp appearing to ruin the finish.

Historic Buildings

We are specialists in working with historic buildings where internal plaster may need to be retained. In this situation, we usually recommend a membrane system to resolve the rising damp problem, over which any internal finishes – such as plaster, plasterboard, panelling etc. – can be reinstated.