Condensation, Croydon South London

What is condensation?

Condensation is an extremely common problem in properties of all types and ages, and occurs as a result of an imbalance of moisture vapour in the air, ventilation, heating, construction type and surface temperature.

Condensation is increasingly found in modern homes where improvements in building technology to prevent heat loss have had the adverse effect of increasing humidity, particularly where there are not adequate systems to improve ventilation and air circulation.

Moisture in the air, produced by cooking, bathing and drying of clothes, condenses back into water when it comes into contact with cold wall and window surfaces. This condensation produces ideal conditions for the formation of black spot mould - usually Aspergillus sp - which is often the most obvious sign that condensation is occurring.

When mould appears in a property, this is usually the first point when the householder becomes aware of the problem. Where mould growth is not noticeable, condensation can still be occurring in areas such as roof spaces, and subfloor voids. This in turn may lead to increased moisture within the structural timbers, making them susceptible to fungal attack.


Treatment for condensation

Our surveyors are experienced in diagnosing condensation and identifying the conditions that are leading to the problem. Usually simple advice on methods of providing a more balanced regime of heating and ventilation is sufficient to resolve the issue.

When the conditions or house construction methods mean that condensation is likely to continue to be a problem, our Surveyors can recommend methods of managing the internal environment so as to reduce condensation levels and associated mould growth in the property.