We offer 10 year guarantees on chemical damp proofing and all timber treatments and 5 – 10 year guarantees on tanking and structural waterproofing. Guarantees are transferable to any new owner of the property throughout the guarantee period.

The unlikely event of a failure of remedial works usually occur within the first five years and therefore the failure can be identified and rectified under the terms of our guarantee. Defects that occur after this time are usually the result of poor external maintenance and not related to the specialist works carried out.

The period of the guarantees issued by RLH Developments are in line with the GPI Insurance cover which we offer in association with our own Guarantee

Guarantee Protection Insurance

We provide meaningful, independently insured guarantees for our work through the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company.

We offer a 10-year guarantee for all Chemical Damp Proofing

We offer a 10-year guarantee for all Timber Treatment

We offer 5–10 year guarantees on any tanking/waterproofing works completed below ground.